Android has grown up much powerful than ever before. There are devices that are using Android for extreme power boost and ultimate user experience. These include the EVO 4G from HTC and the Galaxy S from Samsung. The computer that once used to fit in the building of MIT, now fits in Pockets.

Possibilities with New Phones

The possibilities with these pocket computer phones are endless. They now perform the tasks that where done using many devices. They give you an interface to not only work with your calendar, update facebook status and tweet of twitter and obviously make phone calls, but it can also be used as digital media player. The most important feature that is coming up is digital camcorder and camera. And this is the focus of this post.

The digital cameras in today’s cell phones are coming with enhanced performance each day. It looks like they would soon change the way we use cameras in our cell phones and go way beyond just taking simple snap shots.

The Droid Incredible

In market, we have such an example. It is the Droid Incredible. Yes! It does not have that high resolution camera like other smart phones that have been announced, but if compared to other mobile platforms, it can compete with them with its high resolution 8 MP camera and dual LED flash.

The only place where Droid Incredible is left behind is that, it cannot record a 720p High definition video. Many cell phones with low resolution camera can do the job. This includes the iPhone 4. But this in any case does not set that the Droid Incredible cannot perform such a task. There are a lot of rumors that we would soon have a phone that would be able to record a 720p HD movie.

This is not far away as there are reports coming out regarding to this a very quick pace. This would be revamped with a lot of more things like, fixed bugs, functionality of Skype, redone widgets, MyVerizon app and not to forge the most loved red DROID animation.

About the Android

It is a flexible operating system design for the mobiles and other handheld devices so that the user can get ultimate personalized experience which can be easily customized. The Android proves excellent to provide services of web, email, social media and entertainment to its users. Many of the top mobile producers are planning to use Android as an operating system for their future handsets.

The Difference between Android and Other OS

Many of the platforms available in the market are not open to innovation that is consecutive and do not provide ultimate user experience. Android take a big leap ahead of such problems. The reason behind this is that the developers of the Android have an access to this platform with any limits and hassles. This way apps can be developed that have no match and have seamless possibilities.