The Intel Pentium D30 is a dual processor shrunk down to be 65nm process. This gives the Pentium a low thermal footprint which has higher overclocking headroom. Overclocking the CPU can be a very dangerous activity because many people usually try to go beyond the Intel security limits that have already been put in place. Before you overclock the CPU, make sure that you have a good cooling system nearby and you should be prepared to cancel Intel warranty.


Here are the steps to set the Overclock:
1. Make sure that you have saved all the work that you had opened and created a back up of documents. This is done so that you do not have to restore documents once you restart. The other reason is that you will not lose any crucial information in the process.
2. Reboot your computer and type the words BIOS, then press the delete key. Your computer will do a self test; and you will notice that the keys are shift from motherboard to motherboard, look at the manual and see the instructions that have been given .
3. Scroll through all the frequency settings using the arrow keys and correct all settings in the motherboard that vary from the details that have been given in the manual.
4. Look for the frequency settings options and you will receive a display in form of a default; press the enter key. Proceed on to press the F10 key so that all the settings are saved.
5. Raise the FSB to the point where you will not need to boot to Windows, and then channel it down to the point where you will not need to use the FSB.
6. The next step is to test the Overclock; Download the program and install it.
7. Follow all the instructions mentioned in the installation process and select the stress testing option.
8. Allow the test to run for at least 12 hours and be sure to be check on it once in a while until the whole process is complete.
9. Sometimes, the test may fail; in such cases all you will need to do is restart your computer and enter the word BIOS again; the stress testing should continue automatically.
10. After the twelve hours are over, the process will be complete and you can continue to use your computer normally without any difficulty.


There are so many people who do not realize the dangers of overclocking Pentium D30 especially when a person does not have a cooling system. The cooling system is needed because downloading takes a very long time’ approximately 12 hours. There are so many people that ignore the cooling warning and most of the times end up damaging the Intel Pentium D30.