NAB Show 2012, which is currently going on at the Las Vegas Convention Center, has already witnessed the introduction of several futuristic technologies and products. So, how can the Japanese electronics giant miss the opportunity to showcase its brilliance? Panasonic unveiled its latest microP2 SD-sized cards in both 62GB and 32GB versions.

According to John Baisley, Executive Vice President, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, “Since introducing this Emmy Award-winning, solid-state recording format nearly a decade ago, Panasonic has continued to make improvements to P2. The development of the microP2 card brings additional innovation to the owners of the more than 250,000 P2 products in use worldwide.”

Panasonic also released a compatible microP2 card adaptor to make it easier for you to use these new storage cards in current PCMCIA-based hardware. The cards can ensure high-speed transfer rates even in adverse conditions. These microP2 storage cards are ideal for audio, video, and metadata recording needs and can provide professional results.