The latest Sandy Bridge processors from Intel have advanced power saving features and deliver efficient performance. The top PC makers including, Lenovo and Sony, have already declared and shipped Intel Sandy bridge processor for the launch of their new series. Sony and Lenovo have already declared their new series launch while Dell and Apple are in the process of doing so.

Sony has announced the new VAIO C series laptops which will be powered by Intel’s latest Core i3, i5 as well as i7 chips. On the other hand Lenovo announced its new ThinkPad T, L and W series of business laptops. The laptops announced are going to be fitted with dual core and quad core processors and attached Sandy bridge chipsets.

A halt to shipment was declared for those PC makers who roll out new Sandy bridge laptops as Intel discovered a design flaw in the making. PC makers who roll out new Sandy Bridge-powered laptops have boasted that the new processor is much more power saving compared to the previous one of Intel and hence a good extended hours of power backup has been the main point which grabbed attention.

Intel for the first time had this innovation where graphics processor and CPU are embedded in one single chip. Other unique feature include Turbo Boost 2.0 where inactive processing core not in use can be closed down and which actually enhances the speed of the cores completely based on the level of processing.

Lenovo rightly estimated the power of this chip when it declared that its ThinkPad T420 will be able to deliver 4 hours extra battery backup with a battery of nine cells compared to its 11 hours backup with its earlier processor embedded models.

Intel has also included a new graphical feature into the core chips that increases the speed while seeing a video. Named it as quick sync where high definition video gets converted according to the format for smartphones within seconds. Sony on the other hand has portrayed this new feature named wireless display 2.0 where wireless transfer of high-definition content from PC to HD television is possible.

Lenovo has its ThinkPad computers fully loaded with Intel’s Core Vpro platform. This enables software and hardware technology to gel well and provide IT guys to remotely keep a check on the security of laptops. This particular platform has unique features like Anti-theft 3.0 which allows IT administrators to remotely access and disable the system in case of theft or loss via Wi-FI or other transferrable mode. Later the system can be reused on recovery via a special security code which will be provided by the company’s IT department.