Following its beta release in September 2008, Google has officially marketed its final and stable version of a browser and named it as Chrome in December of the same year. With a simple and clean user interface, Google was able to provide not just a typical browser but one that has the ability to provide fast and quality web searches without compromising the security of the users.

As Chrome downloads updates for phishing and malware periodically, users are warned if in case a website to be viewed can cause potential harm to their system. Over the past two years, Chrome has evolved the browsing realm with its added features such as:

  • add-ons,
  • plug-ins and even
  • themes while maintaining:
    • Speed,
    • Quality,
    • Stability, and
    • Security.

And, just recently, Google didn’t fail to surprise its users when it comes to upgrades as it offers a new version of Chrome with a very useful plug-in.

As Chrome 6.0.437.3 was released, the latest version of the browser, an included plug-in will now finally allow users to view PDF files straight from their browser windows. This is definitely good news for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users as this upgrade will cause an increase in performance and flexibility with the trusted Google Chrome.

Benefits are definitely ensured because although some existing browsers have already added this plug-in way long before Google Chrome did, a guaranteed efficiency is provided for its users as PDF files can be treated and manipulated this time just like any other webpage. Basic interactions in webpages such as searching and zooming can also be expected by the users with the PDF environment.

Furthermore, with the integration of Chrome and the Adobe Flash Player, the new environment would even be more secure and safer as it has been before the PDF plug-in was included. Also, users won’t have to worry with the upgrading because Chrome will have to take care of that. They will just receive the upgraded version from time to time making it safe and hassle free for them.

With that, PDF files can be viewed in real time without having to worry about security brought about by older versions. As PDF files are traditionally known to open at slow rates and at worst cases crash, Chrome has also been trying to ensure speed without the possibility of failure in downloads.

The added plug-in in Chrome will become very useful to users because it has started to become a trend nowadays that webpages with pertinent and legitimate information are in PDF format. Examples are the ones that provide significant information on:

  • Researches,
  • Medical information,
  • eBooks online,
  • Biographies and the like.

However, since Google was not able to fully equip the plug-in yet with the most advanced features that the Adobe Reader software can actually provide, users will have to open PDF files through the said software if the need calls for it. In the months to come, for sure this wouldn’t be a problem anymore as Google continues to make the lives of its users easier with continuous updates and upgrades.