Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, is showing a keen interest in learning how to hack into video game consoles.


The recent deal of the U.S. Navy with Obscure Technologies worth U.S. $177,237.50 to develop tools for the extraction of information from video game systems is a clear indication of the recent development in Pentagon.


The official description of Pentagon is as follows: “[This is an] R & D effort for the development and delivery of computer forensic tools for analyzing network traffic and stored data created during the use of video game systems.”


According to the U.S. Navy, it wants to hack into video game consoles to extract sensitive data exchanged via messaging services. The military, however, insisted that it would deploy the technology only against consoles that are located overseas, as the U.S. law doesn’t allow it to be used on American civilians.


Obscure Technologies clinched the lucrative deal because it “is the only U.S. company that appears to offer the purchasing of used computer equipment for access to the contained information as a commercial service.”