Pentax has lined up a series of excellent camera models that boat of high easy-to-use interfaces and dimunitive scaling styles that is very much evident in its K-x model. This is in fact a slightly more compact model of Pentax’s own K-7 models that have very good specifications regarding the Prime II imaging processor and 11-point AF system. There is also evidently a better provisioning for the correction of minor aberrations and distortions that might occur when shooting at various situations.

This camera comes loaded with many key features that make it worth buying. These features include a 12.4 megapixel APS-C-format CMOS sensor and powered by a Prime II processor and enabling up to 1/6000th maximum shutter speed and 11 selectable AF points and 4.7 continuous shooting frames per second. The additional features of 720p HD video and these together put forward an impressive model. These are highly desirable features in this range of cameras and worth the cost involved.

When looking at the quality of image, there are only minor and very few issues associated with this camera. These are restricted to the auto white balance as it is seen to be less reliable while shooting in artificial lighting conditions. There is also minor trouble of exhibiting a weakness in the overexposure of high contrast scenes. But in contrast, the good qualities far outweigh the minor weakness and hence work well with a camera of this type. It has superb abilities to produce good quality images even while shooting under low light conditions. Manual operation of the devise will eliminate most of the problems related to its tendency of clipping highlighted details.

The operational features of the camera are very simple and easily understood even for inexperienced photographers who are able to comprehend the straightforward operational method without any difficulty. The menu systems are easily accessible with a mere press of the INFO button and can be navigated around in logical sequence assisted by its in-built memory line.

The image quality of this camera is seen to concur very well with its specifications; no lags or shortcomings are seen to be emanating from the associated output images and the input mechanisms. Good revelation of details and colours make this camera stand out as one of the best among its equivalent models.

From the point of handling, the small size of the Pentax K-x allows it to be a good option for users who do not want to be troubled by the excessive weight and size constraints of the larger models. There is ample provision to ensure safe and secure handling with its good size of hand grip. The absence of any protruding external controls enables greater compact size that is appreciated by persons who encumbered by multiple controls that require constant finger manoeuvring.

Quality of this camera is evident from the number of important key features that are squeezed together within this compact device. This is a unique characteristic, which appeals to many with its seemingly simple design and appearance and without sacrificing any of the desired elements at a relatively comfortable price range.