Until now, Gmail users have been personalizing their inboxes with various themes. Over the next couple of days, the users will be able to give more of a personal touch to Gmail by customizing the backgrounds in Gmail.

Know how to do it

When it comes to uploading your image, there will be an option to upload it directly, paste any image URL, or select from Google+ photos. And in case, there is not any specific image in mind, browse through Featured Photos section to find a suitable picture. To get an idea of the collection of images, explore through ‘hdr scenery’ or ‘bokeh wallpaper’ under Featured tab.

For the rest of the interface, Google will include an option to select between a dark and a light theme when you set your own image.

“When we unveiled Gmail’s new look in November, we introduced a number of new, beautiful HD themes. We also heard that many of you wanted to bring an even more personal touch by setting your own background. So over the next couple of days we are rolling out a new Custom themes section with two options, Light and Dark where you can do just that,” Google software engineer Greg Bullock wrote on the official Gmail blog.

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