Google officially introduced that IP telephony software company which is acquired by Google. Many users have already tried this service to use in conjunction with their Google Voice accounts to make SIP calls. In Google Voice blog, product managers Wesley Chan and Craig Walker said, there are no specific features to announce it publicly right now; the engineers will be joining the Google voice team for improving this service. But current Gizmo5 users will still be able to use this service. Google will be suspending new signups for the time being, and existing users will no longer be able to sign up for a call-in number. There are some excellent extension of the Google voice are, like company’s robust desktop Voice over IP client for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux., which has a Web application and related mobile app for BlackBerry and Android. Google Voice has its official U.S. launch and it is a mobile app and Web-based management system. For the accompany purpose, there is no standalone desktop application.

Information about this Skype like Google voice Desktop

TechCrunch got its hands on the unlaunched Google Voice desktop client, still branded “Gizmo5 by Google,” but more or less introduced into the Google Voice account system. The future of this application is uncertain because, aside from a few shining examples ,Google tends to favor Web apps and applications for mobile platforms and the desktop Google Voice client could potentially go unreleased. But consumers excited for the Google Voice desktop software have started a petition begging Google to release it.

The petition’s point of view is that, basically Google has been a landmark service which has brought a high-level of convenience to millions, we have asked, begged, and pleaded for a desktop VoIP application. There is a news about the application and then sadly heard news of this application possibly being dropped for your “to-do list. This is brought forth to show you the overwhelming demand for such an application for OS/X, Windows, and Linux PCs.” After the first 3 days, the petition did actually get more than 1,200 signatures against a staggering goal of 500,000. The initial low number is more likely due to the presence of Independence Day, other holidays and also weekend over which the petition was launched. To sign this petition, go to

Google has not shown much interest in the end-link for incoming calls .It assigns a Google Voice number and that number needs another phone which you already have to pass incoming calls along to. This facility could serve quite handy for users who have done away with their landlines, going mobile-only, but still would like some kind of voice service at home. But it’s not yet clear if Google will offer anything new over what services like Skype already do and it has the advantage of being able to offer it bundled neatly along with all the other Google Voice functions.