HD viewing has even got better. With the new Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player, you can now watch your favorite movies with greater precisions and clarity. Enjoy vivid colors of high action video streaming which allows you gain great picture clarity of 1080p via HDMI.

You may think that the current buzz word of 3D TV might have completely wiped out any creative endeavor for HD viewing. Well think again, as Philips is capitalizing on recent technological developments in video streaming at a micro pixel rate of 1080p. Now, that really sound like cashing in on the HD bandwagon!  Though various “gadget gurus” like Samsung, Sony, etc. are concentrating on the recent developments in 3D TV; Philips has concentrated its marketing strategy to bridge the gap between quality viewing and image enhancements.

Some of the characteristics of Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player are as follows:

  • BD-Live (Profile 2.0): As a third generation DVD player, Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player enables you to receive up-to-date content by connecting the device wirelessly to the Internet. Now you can chat and view the latest listings of your favorite movies at the click of a button.

  • Blu-ray Disc playback: You can store more information on a Blu-ray disc , then on any standard disc i.e. as much as ten movies can be stored at one time. Apart from the volume Blu-ray discs carry high definition data which enables you to view your favorite movies at 1920x 1080 resolutions.
  • Deep color: Real life images are just one of the limited goals that any multimedia viewing experience seeks to capture. However the Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player capture the accurate amount of hue, saturation and shade that is required to present an image per frame.

  • 1080p@ 24 fps: A true cinematic experience of 24 frames per second, which adds depth to the picture quality and provides enhanced imaging which is complimented with the high resolution.
  • Full HD 1080p: With a resolution of 1920x  1080, you can view images in high definition. This means that image quality is enhanced to crystalline perfection.

These are just some of the essential characteristics that you can get through Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player.  So what if you don’t have a HD or 3D TV? Just plug this Philips DVD player and enjoy a crystalline viewing experience.