He is an energetic performer, the king of house who sets your soul grooving and feet tapping. He is a head turner and heart stealer of all you maidens since he calls you to his “Hotel Room”. Yes we are talking about the one and only “Mr. Worldwide” – Pitbull. Very few know him by his real name Armando Christian Prez. This 31-year-old, Miami-based super talented and vivacious singer, rapper, composer, and producer has been topping the billboard charts with his phenomenal music and performance.

The good news for Pitbull fans is that now you can enjoy his hip-shaking numbers on your iPhone at any point of time. Pitbull Channel is an official iPhone app that comprises all the top hits of this hip-hop artist. The access is not only limited to just iPhone since you can also use Pitbull Channel on iPod touch and iPad. It is one of the most demanded iPhone music apps.

Pitbull has also got many collaborations in his kitty that earned him a lot of fame. He has also come up with various hits with renowned artists such as Enrique, JLo, Akon, Lil Wayne, Marc Antony, Shakira, Timbaland and many more. Pitbull has a huge fan following on Twitter and Facebook too. Sticking to his genres of electro-hop, hip-house and reggaeton, Pitbull comes up with innovative and intoxicating music everytime.

Pitbull Channel will offer you a complete entertainment on-the-go. With the app handy, you can keep a tab of all the latest Mr. Worldwide news, music, upcoming events, tours and videos. Using the app, you can also connect to his fans worldwide. Well, there is a reason that he is known as “Mr. Worldwide”. All hail to Pitbull.

You can download the app from iTunes Appstore.

Developer: Wapit Ltd.

Platform: iOS 4.0 or later

Price: US$ 0.99

Genre: Music

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