Technology analysts worldwide had already predicted the bleak future for netbooks since the arrival of Apple iPad on the market scene in April 2010. The biggest question that technology and market analysts put forth is does the world now need netbooks or ultra low cost personal computers (ULCPCs) after Apple introduced the iPad. A poll clearly shows what customers have on their mind. 60% of technology enthusiasts and professionals gave their verdict that netbooks  don’t have any role or place in the future.

In line with the news, came the announcement from Acer that cleared the confusion and gave a clear idea on where the market is heading. Acer has mentioned that it will discontinue its line of ULCPCs and smaller computers and focus on products like tablet PCs. Acer has recently announced that it will be soon introducing its new range of products. Acer has plan of releasing a 7-inch and 10-inch line of Android-based tablets based on Intel’s latest chips “Sandy Bridge”. The Android tablets from Acer are expected to hit the market in the first half of 2011.

Tablets are the hottest items in hi-tech computer consumer durables. A market study clearly shows a big market for tablet PCs. It is seen that consumers are ditching desktops and laptops and welcoming their slimmer cousins, that is, the tablets. The market study also showed why there is no place for netbooks in future. Generally people who owned netbooks used them for Internet searching and email and 90% of proud iPad users use them for the same purpose.

While introducing its new latest range of tablet PCs, Acer has highlighted the fact that the tablets will have four-core processors and will be faster than any other laptop or netbook running on Windows. Also, the Sandy Bridge processors of these tablets PCs, are much more powerful than the current ARM-based chips. The tablet PCs will have Android OS, which is known to run on low power chips. Thus, with so many exciting features offered by tablet PCs, it should not come as a surprise why Acer has taken the decision to phase out its netbooks in favor of tablets.