Recently there have been rumours that Apple may make an entry in the television market. The origin of the speculation for this rumour has gathered momentum from the fact that Apple has made an investment of about forty billion dollars in display components technology. The company has not disclosed anything specifically regarding its plans. However, it has briefed about entering into an agreement on long term basis with three separate component display suppliers.

A bigger section of analysts believe now that the investment is an indication on the part of Apple that it is intending to take entry in the market for televisions. In an earlier report, investment institution Piper Jaffary of Wall Street remarked that components for which Apple has invested may be utilized in iPads and iPhones.

If the speculation turns up to be true, it will not be a surprising move on the part of Apple, because for the last few years Apple is planning for diversification of some part of its business. As per Gene Munster, an analyst of Piper Jaffray, Apple may make an entry into the TV market with the production of 50 inch-LCDs. The television will also extend access to a clod-based version of iTunes as stated by Munster.

As estimated by Munster,  flat panel televisions numbering about two hundred twenty million may be available for sale in the market during the next year, and approximately half of them will be connected with Internet. In case of Apple, for this sort of diverse business activities in the market of televisions can fetch them huge profits in the long term. As per an estimate of Munster, Apple can get additional two and half billion dollars revenue from the television market in 2012.