They say matches are made in heaven. But in this age of online social networking, it’s no surprise; matches are made on digital platforms. Gone are the days when matches were made through sister’s friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s brother’s son’s aunt’s daughter. 2013 is the modern era, where everything happens on social networking site like Facebook. And lately an app ‘YouShouldTotallyMeet’ for Facebook has been introduced that completely relies on your online network of friends to hook you up and find your match.

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Created by a group of four friends after experiencing difficulties of dating in a big city, YouShouldTotallyMeet primarily enables users to set up their single friends (having common interests) over Facebook. In essence, with this app, you can play Cupid and become an online matchmaker and introduce your single friends to your other friends.

Hayley Taylor, Co-Founder, YouShouldTotallyMeet, says, “Two of us are married, and the other two are single. We saw an opportunity to use Facebook as a way for single people to have fewer bad dating experiences. By being set-up with mutual friends of friends, it’s a way to ‘kiss fewer frogs’, so to speak.”

To use this Facebook app, you first need to make an app profile for a friend who is single and ready to mingle. It is always a good idea to ask your single friend first. Know what qualities they want for a potential relationship. Via the app, then you write some really strong points why someone should set up with your friend. Your mutual friends can vouch for them with ‘agree’ ’disagree’ votes. From your list of friends, you find people they “should totally meet”. And can introduce your friends in a single click.

Then just wait for the magic to begin.