Play Console Game on Smartphone With OnLive Mobile App

OnLive, which is known for streaming video games to home computers, has now released a free mobile app that will allow users to play console games on their smartphone or tablet.

OnLive, the cloud game service provider, that so far allowed you to play games by streaming them instantly to your PC, has now come out with an app that will let you savor the childlike experience even when you are on the move.

The free app has as many as 25 games that you can play on your smartphone or iPad. These include L.A. Noire, LEGO: Batman, Defense Grid Gold, Dirt 3, Split Second and Darksiders. You just need to have one of these connections like Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G-LTE.

“This is a big milestone for gaming,” says OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman in a blog post. “Now, tablets and smartphones — the fastest-growing category of consumer electronic devices in history — can play the latest and highest-performance games, without compromises, and without big downloads gobbling up local storage. It’s amazingly cool.”

And if you just started to think the repertoire of Console titles is limited, hang on! OnLive gives you the option of seeking access to almost 200 titles that are compatible with its Wireless Controller. You just have to shell out US$ 49.99 and OnLive Wireless Controller would find you a wireless connection that suits your tablet, Mac, smartphone, PC, TV or Blu-ray player the most.

A Console game that you buy through this new app will be available on any other device that has OnLive streaming video games to it. So, how about starting a game on one device and finishing it on another?

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