Erasmus Bartholin in 1669 gave birth to a new revolution called instant photography. From then there is no looking back in the field of photography. The technological developments saw many innovations in the field of photography. The first instant camera was marketed by Polaroid Corporation, the then monopoly in the market. Fans of Polaroid cameras were confounded when they heard the shutdown of their production. The company filed bankruptcy and was acquired too. This news sounded negative in the minds of Polaroid fans. But now it’s the joyous moment for them and it’s time to relish and enjoy the launch of new Polaroid 300.

This one-of-a-kind wonder equipment is instilled with many state-of-the-art features to fill the hungry stomach of many tech geeks. The brand is now back with a geek that spits out business card size photos. Phew! That’s enough. Not let’s get on to its high tech features. The new camera is a look alike of Polaroid Mio, 2001.

The newly born has the similar film size as that of a Mio and the aesthetics looks great. Polaroid is little fancier than Mio. The gadget is a tribute to the legacy camera. The device is little large and so we need to look for a big pouch to carry it and capture your lively moments now and then. Polaroid 300 now comes in automatic flash and from now on there would be no worries about the lighting as this comes up with four scene setting. This doesn’t come up with the film by itself which may set back its sales but this fun element added contrivance answers to the many questions of diehard fan followers of Polaroid. The moment you touch and hold the device you would feel that you got a big dumb bell in your hands.

To turn it on just pull the lens towards you and a green light is on stating that the device is ready to launch. There are four exposure modes that includes indoor, dark, cloudy and shady. It is extremely easy to load the cartridge in the device. One has to just open the back cover, take out the thumb cartridge from the box, place it and press towards the camera, close the cover and you are ready. There is a shutter button in the front and it has an option of optical view finder. Once the picture is taken one can feel that the picture is nice, bright and poppy. The device comes along with a wrist strap, rechargeable lithium ion battery and 4 AA-battery. One can see that picture size that could be taken by this Polaroid 300 is 2.1”*3.4” and the image size is 1.8”*2.4”. When we look into the value we have to consider the fact that it is priced at a whopping $90 and the price of each shot will smack your wallet by $1. It costs $10 for a 10 pack of film. That’s a little bit pricy. Yes, now I wonder why Polaroid died!