Competition is always better for any business and so, all experts had their focus on the Google – Microsoft rivalry that has been heating up for quite some time. Both the computer giants have stepped into each other’s turf and way out of their comfort zones, yet delivering commendable products on their own. So, who is the winner? Well, as long as there is competition, it is us, the consumers who will have the best deals to look forward to. So, when Intel Executive Vice President, Dadi Perlmutter referred to the Intel “Port Of Choice”, it clearly meant that Microsoft Corporation is losing a great advantage over their rivals.


The Association of Microsoft and Intel goes back a long way, with both companies complementing their products and thus elevating their business together. It has been a common fact for people to easily (and correctly, till now) speculate that if it’s not Mac or Linux, it’s Wintel – Windows and Intel. Clearly, when you see Microsoft endorsing “Intel Inside” and Intel recommending their Windows counterparts, the market is very hard to capture on. But now, as Intel reveals its “Port Of Choice”, it opens the doors to the Google OS, and somehow manages to make it a contender to the all powerful Windows.


The possibilities are endless, and that is without even considering hypothetical situations. There have already been demonstrations of the Android on Intel computers, manufactured by Acer that uses the Intel X 86 architecture for the Computers. Well, is it a bad decision for Intel? Not at all! So is it bad for Microsoft? Maybe but chances are very low considering that we are talking about a Powerhouse. But for customers, it’s good because the market will have more options, more competition, which always means better products.

So, yes this one step of Port Of Choice, if taken further can be a whole Game Changer in the PC market as we see it today that is if Intel sticks with this Development. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Well, apart from the World’s second largest PC manufacturer Acer, Intel has also announced a partnership with the Mobile giants – Nokia which is all set to compete the Windows based PCs and Android Computers.

Also, it has been confirmed by Acer, that by the end of the year, we will see the launch of Meego based Computers. Also, Acer Tablet PCs are also expected to hit the market by that time. So, where does the Google Tablet PCs stand? One can only guess. But it is for sure that if Intel opens up its “Port Of Choice” to Google (and I cannot think of any reason why it will not), the Google OS will certainly deliver a lot more power. And Microsoft, well, it still has Windows. So, already we have two prospective options other than Windows and Mac OS based Computers.

No one can predict the ultimate result about who will dominate the markets three years later, but I will put my money on the giant Microsoft, just based on the success of Windows 7. However, it is clear that there will be a lot more horses to beat this time. Well, smart work by Intel. “Port Of Choice” will open up a lot of doors.