Evil would remain evil, until you grab hold of its sinister garb and bring it down with your perfect gaming skills

Remember Portal? The release from Valve Corporation that was applauded as the most original game title of year 2007? Here is Portal 2, a sequel to that puzzle-platform video game. And to your further delight, it has won the ‘Ultimate Game of the Year’ title at the Golden Joystick Awards 2011.

Portal 2 starts with its superhero Chell and moves on through puzzles. The player is supposed to solve them using the ‘Portal Gun’. The progress of the game takes place in the test chambers and underground concealments of the familiar Aperture Science research facility (from Portal). While guiding instructions are incorporated in the first few levels, the tips disappear and gameplay appears more challenging as you move on. In the multiplayer mode, you get two robots (Atlas and P-Body) by your side to aid you. The background setup is interactive and fascinating as the game is developed using spatial physics. However, you need to watch out for tricky surfaces that can kill you immediately.

While challenges abound throughout the game, Portal 2 also combines the commonplace use of black humor in its own ways. GLaDOS is the facility operator and the main enemy in the game. It is a robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which evolved for the first time in another popular game from Valve Corporation, Half-Life. Portal 2 is appealing, engaging, and demanding right from the beginning. You would explore newer and gruesome areas of the Aperture Laboratories, come across alienated characters, and take every single chance to go for the kill in order to survive.

Be prepared to shift your moods like gears, as the game would change its own — from sarcastic to baleful, from flippant to staggering, and so on. Bring Portal 2 home and get into your gaming gears on your favorite console for an exhilarating adventure!

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Rating: E10+

Genre: Puzzle-platform

Publisher: Valve Corporation

Platform: Windows PC, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360

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