TVs have undergone serious transformation in the recent years where the companies manufacturing them came up with overwhelming yet exotic devices to attract more and more people towards their brand. The competition started with simple slim LED models and then moved on to the plasma TV models that provided better quality compared to the LCD ones. The race then moved on to 3D world and it seems the hype is settling down a bit.

For a company as big as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Vizio, this isn’t the state to rest a bit rather they need to come up with something even better to stay on the top of the list in their respective niche. Its time that they start defining new trends and releases even with the previous inventions that they have been working on to stay in the market. There was a time when a TV was a TV only but things are not the same now. There are many other factors that have been involved into the selection criteria that include size, components, as well as features that make the product a distinct choice altogether. The products that these companies have recently introduced might make a clear guess of where are these great buyers heading.


Samsung has always been a technology renderer that has been providing with adequate expansion in the technology every time by coming up with a distinct product. It seems that the manufacturer will not be coming up with the LED or Plasma TVs anymore. The company is expanding in LED 3D TVs lately and offers the highest quality in the 3D televisions available in the market. The company is going very good internationally as out of 300,000 3D Televisions sold between March to June, 270,000 belonged to Samsung. Samsung has 18% share in the international market of LCD TV that is 7% more compared to previous years.


Sony was controlling 11.3% in the start of this year with respect to the LCD market and continues to control the market not only in the Television markets but also with the gadgets and other electronics as well. June marked the launch of a firmware update in PlayStation 3 that brought in the 3D feature. The company has recently filed a patent for split screen multiplayer gaming technology that too in 3D mode where each player has a different screen within the same Display unit. Sony even has TVs that are intelligent enough to turn off once there seems to be no one watching them. They have a wide arena to expand their technology apart from the TVs only.


Panasonic is leading the Plasma TVs in terms of fan followers and brand royalty. Plasma TVs from Panasonic account for 37% shares in the market that is the highest with Samsung following at only 14% comparatively. Many of the analysts and reviewers around the market consider Panasonic’s Plasma TVs to be the best in the market.


Despite facing a lot of competition, Vizio has placed itself on the top of the list of LCD televisions and has the leading technology involved in the price that many a people can afford easily. They sell low price HDTVs in large quantities to the common people so that they enjoy the technology just as the elite people can. They are coming up in the 3D arena with cheap technology again where the classes will cost no more then $10 compared to the next available for $100.

Now, it time that you make the decision of what niche of TVs are you after and you will certainly find this helpful for your next possible buy.