While printing a document you may have come across different options depending on your requirements. It includes variation in color like color or grayscale or size like portrait or landscape and method of printing viz. single or double sided. Printing options are basically decided by Software application and type of printers that are in use. Printing in Windows 7 is quite easy as it can be done in a single click on option ‘Print’. As soon as you click on this option, one dialogue box opens in which you can modify settings like number of copies or dimension of paper etc. This box varies with model of printer and software that you are using. Windows 7 offers various options to enhance the form of printing. You must aware of these features and the way to utilize these options.

The box explained earlier shows various   options such as ‘Select Printer’, ‘Find Printer’ etc. These features let you know about printers on your system and also network printer. As home networks and office settings are considered, these options are very much advantageous. There are choices for printing Microsoft XPS file, fax etc. By using ‘Print to file’, document can be saved in a .prn format. Although this option doesn’t go well with modern USB printer, you can print file to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

As you go further, Printing Preferences provide choices for size and layouts of paper.Page Rabge offers you the facility to print only required part of the data. ‘Selection’ option lets you to print content which is highlighted and also content of current page can be printed simulteneously. If you want to print some pages of document instead of whole, you can give page numbers that are separated by hyphens like 8-10 to print pages 8 through 10. Printing of pages which are not in a sequence can be done by entering numbers separated by commas such as 1,8,13. You can also have multiple copies of a particular document.

Options, which are demonstrated above, are generally provided with almost all printers but some printer manufacturers and publishers of software modify these things. Instead of ‘Preferences’, you might find option like ‘Properties’ or ‘Advanced’. You can seek advice from manuals that come along with printers. They give you a whole idea of these various options and their advantages.

There are generally two standard options namely ‘Printing Preferences’ and ‘Printer Properties’. In Printing Preferences, you will have various options in dialogue box. Page orientation or layout lets you to choose between landscape and portrait. In Paper or sheet size, there are options like A4, legal, letter or envelope size. By using output source, papers can be stored in different trays. Printing on one or both side can be done with the help of Double-sided printing. Additionally, you will have options like ‘Print color’ and ‘Staple’ in this Printing Preferences.

Printer Properties is an option related with hardware customization of printer. It offers options for configuration of ports; and they also help in updating drivers and management of printer. You can open Printer Properties by selecting ‘Device and Printers’ located in ‘Start’ menu. Properties of printer that are you want to access can be selected by right-click and can be modifies as per requirement. Printing seems effortless when you perform it in Windows 7 with such exciting options which are meant to save both your time and money.