Google celebrated its tenth anniversary in the year 2008 by promising a whooping $10 million to the people who come up with the best ideas to use technology and help improve the world; the prize was to be awarded to the top five entries. The project was called Project 10×100. Ten to the power hundred is an expression for the number google or a one with hundred zeros behind it.

No doubt Google had clear intentions behind the project as an amount as big as $10 million if spent wisely will have a great deal of an impact on these issues. Issues ranging from better banking tools to a real time news service that is user reported.

Gmail Account is Facing Failure

However a follow through of the company leaves a lot to the credit of desires still. The cash prize contest was announced in the month of September in 2008. Public voting closed on sixteen finalists who were chosen out of over 150,000 ideas by the month of October 2009. As of today it has been over eight months since and the company’s results are still awaited. In the meanwhile, any emails that are being sent to the project 10 to the 100th’s Gmail account are facing a failure which indicates that the address has been deleted. The press department of the company is yet to respond to the enquiries being sent to them regarding the project.

The projects website listing a 2009 copyright says that the results will be announced in the near future. Google has not said as much as a word about the project despite of having apologized for the delays since as early as the March of 2009.

Everyone has just been left wondering what possible reason can be attributed to such a delay. Money cannot be the problem for an organisation that has reported revenue of $6.77 billion in just a quarter of a year. Also the hard task of consolidating 150,000 ideas into 16 themes has already been done by the company.

Going by the assumption that the project is still in progress, Google has to select an organisation already involved with the issue to help implement the idea. So, apparently the company only has to announce the five winning ideas and the organisations that are to receive the money for their implementation.

The project ten to the hundredth power began with a zeal that has become a tradition with Google and then apparently became a victim of one of the worst lapses in the history of the company; the project that was meant to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Google threatens to stretch up to the twelfth one. The whole world along with the participants waits for Google’s response or even just a blog post for that matter.