Twitter is a famous micro blogging site where you can share and express yourself in 140 words. The popularity of twitter is increasing day by day and number of users is also growing very fast. Twitter is also famous among celebs as they can connect with their fans all over the world. In recent news Twitter has also become a platform for brands to promote their products. Web users are spending more time on social networking sites so it is a good strategy by brands to promote them here.

The social networking website market is growing day by day and the competition is getting tough every day. So we are expecting some new announcement from Twitter and recently on their blog Twitter had officially announced their new Promoted Accounts feature. This feature will suggest you the people you want to follow but there is an important difference that it is algorithm based and brand-only. It works like if you are following someone and something is related with that, then Twitter will show a list pane on the right side For example, you are following Lenovo then all the products related to Lenovo will show up in the list pane of what to follow. If you are not following the product then you will not get related products to follow.

But the problem is that only some listed companies can test the new promoted account feature so you and I or any individual cannot use this feature. In the future it will be  interesting to see that if individual users will be allowed to use this feature.

These suggested promoted accounts will reside in the right hand pane of the twitter page. You will see in the “who to follow” column there, this feature will affect the twitter user, depending upon the interests, according to which the products will be listed. It will obviously increase the twitter social graph and twitter will also make money from this new feature. But twitter should not ignore the social factors in creating a good social networking website, in terms of generating greater revenue.

These features, as we said, only add some more users and more revenue to the Twitter tally. One cannot ignore Twitter popularity and its power, these new features and innovations make it a big competitor in the social networking market. It is interesting to see what others will do in this arena and twitter next step to make it more popular and money maker. The Twitter brand is all depends on the number of users and the users help them to earn more revenues.