Number of apps have been introduced lately to locate your device when been stolen or misplaced but Lookout app has something more to offer. The popular mobile security app Lookout has introduced a new feature ‘Theft Alerts’ that can help you catch hold of your mobile thief in no time. Here’s how it is going to work.

Whenever someone steals your phone and tries to access it without permission by entering wrong password, the Lookout’s new feature will use your phone’s front camera to click picture of the thief holding your phone without his knowledge. It will then e-mail you the pictures of the perpetrator along with the phone’s location on GPS map.

Just in case you are wondering how the Lookout app is going to register that the phone is stolen and the same is in hand of a thief then let us tell you that the app works on five specific actions similar to that of thieves including:

  • Inputting wrong password
  • Taking out the SIM card
  • Turning on the Airplane mode
  • Turning the device off, and
  • Deleting Lookout as a device administrator

Yes, you too perform these tasks yourself but that doesn’t stop Lookout from sending you ‘Theft Alerts’ on your phone. The company of course doesn’t give any guarantee that it will catch a crook in the act but still it provides fare chances of disclosing the details of person stealing it.

You can install Lookout for free on Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android but to get ‘Theft Alert’ feature in your Lookout app, you need to buy Lookout Premium feature at the cost of $3 per month subscription.

The good thing about this mobile security app is that it comes pre-installed on most current AT&T devices.