Computers and software have been evolving every year; along with this are malicious software and viruses.

Many consumers have greatly suffered into these most common problems when it comes to computer and application devices. Attacks have been reported to become richer and stronger along the process.

Especially with regards to the Adobe reader which has been stated to have more reports of attack on malware compared to most of other readers.

It has been reported about so much trouble regarding the adobe reader because of its vulnerability to the upgraded attacks of malwares.

In this connection, Adobe made its move on making the sandbox creation called Protective Mode.

What is Protective Mode?

Protective mode is design to aid the Adobe reader from the attacks of malwares and viruses, thus, it serves as a tough security ensuring the users of highly zero attack in the environment.

It will help maintain a stabilized status of the reader and achieve high functionality.

But this mode can be achieved only if the adobe reader has been upgraded by its latest version Adobe 10. No worries though because Adobe has an automatic updater to be able to access easily for any improvements and in need updates.

How does Protective mode functions?

Although with little specializations or functions, it is in way a very useful tool for Adobe reader and for other web browser such as Google Chrome and application such as Microsoft Office.

The functions are more focused into preventing from the malicious software attacks from harming your reader and your computer as a whole. It is also used to aid in your compatibility upon downloading files and plug-ins and be able to read them.

Its mode of action is to provide a restricting area that controls and prevents the attack from entering directly to your software and creates a huge damage by penetrating to your reader down to the system.

Clearly, it is made for safety and security purposes for the consumers and internet or computer users.

Compatibility in computer system

Sandbox Protective Mode of Adobe reader is more focused on the Windows based users and consumers because of the reports on more occurrence of malware attack compared to other operating system.

With this regard, it can be only available for them alone. No current reports stated for another design for another operating system though.


Although we have some great creations of protection from great viruses and malware causing damage, we must still be very cautious on our way of linking our system to potentially harmful files or sites. We must see to it that files and or sites came from a trusted source and is far way of harming our system.

We must consider that even if we have the greatest protection inside, still it might affect in another way and maybe it is too late for us to recover from it.