Google Inc. has made it easier for the users of Google Maps to save and re-visit the places that matter to them. Once the user signs in to his Google account, he can access the places that are frequently visited by him virtually. This has been made possible after the release of a recent Google Maps update for the web version. The update enables the user to define specific home and work locations that will stay attached to his Google account, no matter how much PC-hopping is done by him.

Saving home and work locations on Google Maps

To set home and work locations, the user needs to sign in with his Google Account. Once logged in, he has to click the ‘My Places’ tab in Google Maps and save the home and work locations. From the ‘My Places’ panel, the user can also edit or delete his saved locations by clicking the drop-down to the right of the home or work icons.

News source: Google Lat Long Blog