The newly added feature in your Dropbox account can help you sync large files for both shared folders and for any of your computers synced in a much faster way.

Uploading large files on your computer has being a problem but thanks to beta desktop app, new added feature in its user forums, that users can speed up syncing of large files and get their computer synced with the same Dropbox account very easily.

Unlike before where Dropbox had to wait until a file was completely uploaded to its servers and allowed to begin downloading, the latest beta can help you run the version 2.9 which start downloading the file the moment it starts uploading. Accordingly, it increases the syncing speed of files.

The latest beta application in Dropbox is not quite ready for a public release and the users can only use it through forum. If the beta creates a problem with your Dropbox account, you can report it at the Dropbox forum itself. To start using it right away, you need to download version 2.9 of the desktop app for OS X, Windows, and Linux directly from the forum.

Syncing won’t be a new challenge for you as you only need to enable the settings to get started with the app.