Music lovers would actually love to find their amazing music station on the mobile devices. There has been news around the corner that the famous music station Rdio is planning to come up with an application that would be running on the Android Operating System.

The music station or service, Rdio in US has brought up its official Android application but the company has cautioned that it is very much similar to a beta. The company has come up with a beta version of the Android application that links to the company’s service of providing streaming music. This service enables you to select content from the internet and choose from a broad list of music albums and audio tracks of different artists.

It is indeed an innovative plan for the company because earlier there were very few companies providing such services. Having an application with which one can be able to listen to their favourite music station is definitely a pleasure. The beginning of this by the initiators of kazaa and skype are focusing to bring a social network to this utility. The features of this service is that you can have a list of your friends and get to know which track they are listening to, then adding them in your own playlist. You can also share links of your favorite songs with your buddies using twitter, facebook or e-mails. Thus the synchronization with the social networking websites is an added benefit. It can help you out in getting the best experience as you listen to your favorite tracks and also share your experiences with the friends and buddies on the networking sites. You get sync the songs with your mobile phones and do a lot more. The features seem exciting and indeed something you should watch out for.

This portal also enables you to synchronize albums and tracks in your mobile folder which you can listen even when you are not online. A scanning tool is also available that works to stimulate iTunes or the Windows Media Player in the phone. The songs available are around 5 million in number from leading albums and individual sources.

This application is presently restricted to invite-beta with only a thousand spots accessible for now. iPhone applications such as mobile and web access are also present that will cost you 10 dollars per month, whereas only web access will cost you 5 dollars per month.  By paying this nominal amount you can listen to your favorite tracks and enjoy radio listening in an entirely new enhanced way. The raise in technological standards and manifestation of innovation in every arena has enabled the providers to give amazing services to their clients. The competition further gives great benefits to the users. Since there are other players also in this arena it is highly probable that the new applications would be enhanced and better. The beta version of the Android OS music station application would be out soon and then you can expect the better and more reliable versions coming out later.