Rally Up is a new geolocation app been introduced for the iPhone. Rally is quite different from those of the normal geolocation app such as Foursquare and Gowalla, that it has very intense focus on privacy and content sharing. Rally Up quotes itself as “a social network for real friends,” allowing the users to share texts, videos and photos to trusted people.

To that extent, Rally Up takes a different move to friend’s data base and friend’s management from the other usual social applications. To go for an instance, Rally Up is unique it does not incorporate with Twitter. What? I hear someone gasp, as the saying goes,” It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.”

The ultimate aim of launching Rally Up is not to tap or create into yet an extra social community network; it goes very precise that you share information to only people whom you trust and whom you wish to share. For instance, if you are in a need to add a user to your account, you will be provided with different options like to control the information been shared and received by them. This app “slider” can be modified according to your wish.

Here are your options:

• Real Friends – Here the list of the people include your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister or brother whom you are very close to. You can share all your information and their activities will appear in your feed and trigger push notifications.
• Feed Friends – Here the list of contacts includes your co-workers or your gym mates. You will get the updates from these people but you will not be provided with push notifications.
• Lurk – This lets you check your friend’s each and every move, but won’t let your friend know where you have signed. Wish to present a surprise gift to your best buddy, then you ought to put them in lurk category.
• Mute – This category is for your high school girl whom you wish to know nothing about her. She might be in your friends list on your Face book, LinkedIn and Foursquare, but you still not interested to check on her moves and do not want her to know what party you are attending. You need not worry or be rude to her, just put her in mute category so that you will not receive any updates from her and she will also not get any update of yours. So mute her for timely and later you can mute her if you feel disposed.

When coming to sign- ins, Rally Up has got to move ahead in technology, like if you wish to assign certain positions as “private “ , you can do it. It means someone can see you that you are at home. If you wish people not to know about your work place, then you can very well designate your office as “private”.

You can even make temporary locations for occasions like parties and conferences without adding it to your permanent locations. It also provides you use check ins to let people know that you are held out somewhere and make them join your there. You can use SMS effect with free of cost.

Rally Up is now available for the iPhone soon it will come with iPad. Wish to have a secure location based social network; do not hesitate to go for a Rally Up shot.