Raspberry Pi home computer is a specialized computer system especially designed for technology freak kids. An ARM chip is used in these computers, similar to the one used in mobile phones. It is designed to run on Linux open source operating system. The price is fairly set at $25. Test versions of these computers are under observation by experts. If they meet all expectations, their production is supposed to start in bulk volumes early this year.

Inspiration behind Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been inspired by a video game from David Braben, who searches ways to inspire kids to start careers in the field of technology. With help from BBC Micro, Mr. Braben started developing games. With Ian Bell, his school friend, he created Elite, a ground-breaking PC game.

More on Raspberry Pi

The computers are being developed in Cambridgeshire and those waiting for the devices are watching closely for each and every update. On 23rd December, the official blog stated that first circuit boards for the devices have arrived. The circuit boards will be filled up with all necessary components. Hardware, software and electrical tests are being carried out, ensuring that the production process goes out smoothly.

Liz Upton wrote on the blog that once the devices pass the tests, full-scale production of the gadgets will start in more than one factory.

Two versions of the devices will be available: Model A ($25), which will lack a network connector and Model B ($35), which will have an Ethernet socket. Liz Upton added that if the tests go fine, then first of 10 boards will be sold off to the highest bidder in an auction.

Initially, the machines were supposed to have been ready by the end of 2011. But because of delay in the development of the devices, they are now around 3 weeks behind the schedule. In spite of this, it is expected that the customers will be able to place their orders by the start of 2012. The organization did not take any pre-orders as it did not want to take cash from their customers without having anything ready.

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