Raxco Software that is one of the key figures in the world of disk defragmentation software has come up with a white paper recently that has set new tip and tactics that will help organizations improve the performance of VMware ESX through the defragmentation of guest systems. There have been a number of solutions that have been posed to make the experience a faster one. The paper has got some of the results from the tests that were performed to check if the defragmentation of virtual server does help in getting the desired level of improvement. This records for all the measureable difference in the server virtualization performance.

Testing procedure:

The testing took place using the VMware ESX cluster and the results were remarkable. The paper states that the process of defragmentation did help in the consolidation of a lot of free space on the Windows Server guests that was further helpful in increasing the performance of both the Windows guest and ESX host installed on the virtual server.

The paper (summary):

The paper summarized the following points in brief and a lot more in detail:

The total number of IOs that need to traverse the ESX virtual storage stack is reduced considerably by the file defragmentation process as well as the combination with all the consolidated space on the virtual server.

The disk latency i.e. the time taken to complete an IO has been reduced by the file defragmentation in combination with the free space consolidation.

The total overhead of the supervisor reduces considerably when the file defragmentation and free space consolidation occurs in the Windows guests.

The write throughput increases as the free space is consolidated.

On the overall, the productivity of the virtual server increase by a great ratio when file defragmentation occurs.

Official verdict:

The organizations that have been dealing with the virtualization process have been making sure for quite some time that the performance of the host as well as the guests environment is maximized so that there are no issues in the running of the process. The paper is a great help to all these people who have been striving to get the optimized performance reducing the overhead cost. The file defragmentation and consolidated free space is a great help that sets impact on the performance improvement. The paper also describes all the benefits that can be realized by addressing both these components of the virtualization environments.

The officials further stated that Microsoft and all the other independent industries have been doing a great deal in improving the performance of their systems both physical servers and workstations by just using the file defragmentation and free space consolidation. The result of which has been improvement at lower running cost. The industry has moved a few steps into the virtualization environment. The performances have not been the top notch expected so far so the results were not as remarkable. With the new finding, they are all going to find their set of benefits through file defragmentation and free space consolidation.