Real time search engines are those that display very recently published materials. There remains practically no difference between composition and publishing of the materials. Twitter can come close to explaining the meaning of real time search engines. Real time search engine Collecta, was launched on June 18, 2009. The distinguishing feature of Collecta was that unlike other search engines the website is alive with real time information. It keeps an eye on the update streams of popular websites and publishes the latest information as it happens.

The real time search engine website Collecta aspired for both an objective and powerful real-time web; and with this motto in mind the company assembled a sizeable infrastructure. The company had hoped to find itself in the conventional stream of activity but the team failed to judge the nerve of the market and the response that they had expected could not be materialized. One of the main reasons behind this failure can be attributed to Twitter feeds as it became more popular than specialized search engines like Collecta.

The reason behind the average performance of the real time website company Collecta was the packaging and marketing of the whole concept of real time search engines and their benefits. Although the benefits of real time search engines were felt in certain contexts like sports, news, friend feeds etc but the consumers were still in the dark as to how to relate or use the real time content published on the search engines. There were not enough reasons to attract the customers.

The user interface (UI) of Collecta was simplistic and easy to use. When searching for information, the terms typed are shown on the left of the website with available options, results on the middle and the highlighted information on the right. The real time search engine uses the extensible messaging and presence protocol technology which allowed the search engine website to keep a tab on the latest information as it happens. Even with the above revolutionary features the company failed to prove itself in the market. As a result, presently the company has hit a pause button and is going back to retool its approach towards the real time search engine concept. The company has a number of potential ideas in store which it wishes to use when launching the website afresh. A time frame has not been provided by the company officials but they have clarified that they are not closed and are just taking time to analyze their approach for better solutions. The CEO of the search engine, Gerry Campbell, is hopeful of a return in the world of real time search engines.