Linux is very popular for its open source programs as well as servers. It can be installed in a variety of computer hardware. In recent years, the Linux OS market share has been increasing steadily with the rising popularity of net books and smart phones using Linux. Of course, there are some limitations and vulnerabilities associated with the OS like the lack of patch management for the OS and even outdated applications. However, just recently, there has been a wakeup call for the Linux team!


Linux is not impervious to an attack or a compromise. However, the Trojan in question is present while downloading that should not have any bearing in a business environment. Linux has been very complacent over the years about their imperviousness to a malware attack, until this year.

The score behind Unreal IRCd

One file of the mirrors in Unreal IRCd has been replaced by a backdoor Trojan. This kind of Trojan is capable of allowing a hacker to execute any kind of command with the privileges of the user running IRCd. This command can be executed albeit user restrictions like passwords.

Unreal IRCd is an internet relay chat program for the shooting game. Since it has been downloaded many times already, there is a big chance that a big number of Linux systems are compromised with the Trojan.

Less risk for businesses

Since the Unreal IRCd is a game and is not allowed in business settings, it should not be a problem for businesses or at least the risk should not be that threatening. However, it is essential to address the fact that possible attacks are clear and present! Given that there are hidden doors to vulnerability; businesses could be safe now, but probably not in the future.

Since Linux has overlooked the problem and it is not holding a considerable OS visibility, makes the users very vulnerable to attacks since security programs are geared to the majority of the computer users utilizing Windows OS.

Experts take responsibility of the vulnerabilities of the OS and its programs. The difference is the way the OS has been written and if there is any vulnerability, the issue could be addressed in a matter of hours. The reason to this is that it is very hard to exploit the vulnerabilities of Linux.

Creating solutions

  • Although there could be a sense of security for Linux users and the IT administrators, it is still best to underscore the importance of being vigilant. Unreal may have been the program that was initially compromised but sooner or later, there could be other programs that would have the same or even greater vulnerability.
  • Constant protection, maintenance and checking are essential to prevent possible attacks in the future.
  • A Linux user should implement security measures as in a Windows OS to ensure that the system is not compromised for months by a possible Trojan that could be lurking in the system.