Android phones are one of the most famous Smartphones used by consumers worldwide. If you are using Android 2.1 and other new versions then you have experienced the stock media player. It is joy to use this media player. It has a fantastic user interface and also has other application of Google’s operating system so it will be helpful to you to share the pictures or video with friends and family members.

Seeing this media player it seems a little foolish idea to launch a all- new media player right now. The leading company in this sector Real Inc will launch a media player regardless of these facts. RealPlayer has a long history of developing media playback for home computers, now recently it released a public beta version of its RealPlayer for Androids.  The main aim of this application is to become the first choice among Android users for viewing movies, enjoying photographs and listening to music.

RealPlayer is doing a great job by bringing different media together in one place. There are main features like browse your pictures and also listen to music at the same time. It will be also help you in creating slideshows of your snaps. It is looking excellent with its intuitive interface.

Here it also comes with 3D cover art transitions and all the usual option that make this media player above average. It has all the usual options that you expect from such application. It has integrated everything in a very logical manner but the menus and icons look a little half-finished. We can say that the design is very underwhelming and is curious because its come from a experienced one in this market.

When we compare both the stock Android player we found that RealPlayer is faster at loading-up clips. But there is one serious problem regarding its own RealMedia video format because it does not supports in Androids. The problem is due to the current codecs in Android Operating system.

There is one more issue about the folders from you load any media files, it is currently not possible in RealPlayer. If you have any external storage device then it will found the media but the annoying part is when you download a game and it will shoe pictures from that games also.

In RealPlayer it is also very difficult to share any of the content online. With RealPlayer you can upload or email a image to Picasa or Facebook something which is better and possible in Stock Media player.

Overall we can say that it is currently in progress and as soon as it will get completed it will be a good choice for Android users. There is not any problem with its performance but it only lacks some codecs and slight problem with file upload.