There are several reasons as to why I am enjoying Mozilla Corporations Firefox 4.0. First of all, it is one browser that continued to up itself time after time, while sticking to its basics. Although recently rival browsers like Google’s Chrome, Safari and Opera back slashed it; Firefox 4 is certainly a power to reckon with.

Faster than the older versions

Only still on the beta, the Firefox 4.0 is thirty percent more faster than the current Firefox 3.6. Therefore guaranteeing the hopes that it will be speedier when the final version is released. Although, it is still slower compared to Chrome, Safari and Opera.  But still what makes it  stand out is the massive, almost close to 60 add-ons available; not all add-on’s have been tested on the Firefox 4.0, so you can visit the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to download and test the various current and previous add-on’s that is available.

Cosmetic changes

The more evident cosmetic changes on the new version is the tab’s which no longer hang downwards, but is pointed upwards to the title menu. This is certainly much cooler visually since you can see all your open tabs more clearly, however only available on Windows version, this feature will later be introduced either when the final version is released or when changes are made to its Mac OS and Linux versions.

Now refresh button and Stop button is integrated to form one button; while loading a page the refresh button automatically changes to the stop button; I think it totally makes sense since you do not need a refresh button while a page is loading. This will reduce the Firefox’s Awesome Bar space. Also,  the menu bar is a button rather a list of items and the bookmark has also been set as button by default; the idea is let the function keys in the browser take lesser space and more space given to the website. However, all these options are set as default, the user can easily modify to suit their needs.

HTML 5 Video and API’s

Being the first browser in the market to support HTML 5 video to be able to run Google video format WebM; this will let the users watch high definition videos uninterrupted and without helpers like Flash. Firefox 4.0 also supports full WebGL and a test Direct 2 rendering backend, which has to be enabled manually and is only available at least for now on the Windows platform.  Keeping in mind the web developers, the browser boasts low complexity, low latency and bidirectional communication API Websockets; with improved page rendering by lazy frame constructions. This will allow web developers to load webpage in HTML without using the URL field.

The browser is certainly very user friendly, if you are used to the previous version looks you can modify the default settings, like change the upward pointing tab to the usual drop down view and/or changing the bookmark button to be a regular bookmark toolbar; at the same time experience the new load speed of your favourite webpage.