Apple is left red faced by something more grave than just the reception glitch on the new iphone.Consumer grievances about the phone’s signal reception is sky high ever since the launch of the high end phone. It seemed that holding the phone in a certain manner causes reception problem. It is so grave that in weak signal areas it may also cause dropped calls. Cupping the bottom left corner of the phone causes serious degradation in the signal quality. However if the area is backed by a nice strong AT&T reception the problem is unlikely to occur.

Not only Engadget but Anandtech and other Consumer Reports have also confirmed this discrepancy in the much awaited iphone.Its established that making skin contact between the two antennas cause a sharp fall in the cellular reception.

Contrary to the general expectation of an admittance followed by apology and corrective measures, Apple officials said that the reception problem is not due to anything related to the phone’s antenna. according to them the signal strength is not very good. The high end software theory states that incidentally there was a goof-up relating to the formula that is supposed to calculate and show the signal bars. In layman’s language it shows 4 Bars when it is supposed to show 2.To mend, it proposed to issue a free software that would calculate the accurate formula.

Richard Gaywood,a Ph.D in wireless network planning confirms the design flaw which cripples the antennae. He confirms that the best way to save their face Apple must replace the existing models, to do the least.

But Apple not known for its customer friendly attitude doesn’t seem to be bothered about the negativity stemming from this issue. Its going about, trying to sell the idea ,that buying expensive cases from Apple will remove the problem. The arrogance and refusal to accept the widespread anguish is quite clear from the fact that its still proclaiming the antennae to be ‘Just Fine’ and advising the users to hold it properly.

Going by the market trends and expert comments, all is not well on the apple front. It will be the most precise step on apples part to make a complete recall of the sold iphones.It may sound unheard of owing to the high costs and formality involved. It would, nevertheless do a world of good to the hampered image of Apple as an unthinking Gadget scion in the world market. It would definitely be a booster to the goodwill and customer relation arena of the chain. It is a measure that can chain the competitors who are wisely making the most of this situation by playing down Apple’s stance and attacking its unfriendly customer handling.

It is almost a emergency and experts and Trade gurus are predicting a major PR crunch if Apple doesn’t take a full-proof and satisfying reconciliatory step. A negative image may cause a huge market setback, and even the most ardent Macheads wont be able to held back their impatience. Its just the right time for Apple to step in front, save their face and also the trust that scores around the globe places on its product.