To grow a business in financially you must wisely invest your money on capital. Due to advancement in  technology, multiprocessing has become irremovable part of our lives. In business also you would have come across multiprocessing many times. The best example of multiprocessing development in computer field is to convert your computer into fax machine to send and receive faxes. It is possible if you have all required hardware and software add-ons. The cost of these add-ons is much lower than what actual fax machine costs. You can get them in the nearest computer hardware shop. You have to select proper hardware as per your requirements.

There are two ways of conversion which are use of fax modem or fax server. Fax modem is a small hardware piece which can be connected either externally or internally. External connection includes connection through ports while in internal connection; you have to attach it directly to motherboard. In fax servers, you have to establish a connection with a dedicated computer having multiple fax modems. After you have established connection in either way, its time to receive fax on your computer.

If you attached fax modem to your system then there are various ways to receive fax. You can choose an option where your modem will automatically answer all incoming calls and transfer the fax directly into your inbox. However, to answer a phone call you must pick it up before modems answers it. Here is how you can set your modem to receive fax automatically. Access the start menu by clicking on the windows icon on the left side of taskbar. Type ‘Fax’ in the search box which will display ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ in the search result. Click on it to access the fax tab. In fax tab you will see an option ‘Tool’, click on it. Go into Fax Settings and access general tab there. In general tab you will find ‘Allow device to send and receive fax’.  Check option ‘Automatically answer’ and set the number of rings after which you want modem to answer the call automatically.

If you do not wish to receive fax automatically, it can be manually done as follows. You have to access ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ as specified above. After accessing Fax tab there you will see a button ‘Receive fax now’ on toolbar. Click on it to receive a fax automatically. Progress of the fax can be seen on a Fax status monitor. It can be arranged in Windows 7 that each fax that you receive will get saved in your inbox automatically. For that purpose you again have to access Fax settings in ‘Windows fax and Scan’ In general tab, you will come across ‘more options’. Under the tab ‘When fax is received’ you have to check the option box and then select the folder where you wish to save fax copies.

There is few more facilities Windows7 offer. You can simply single click on fax in inbox to view it. If you want to open it then you have double click on received fax. You can even change size of fax by accessing view menu and then click on zoom to see options. To use computer for receiving faxes saves your time as you don’t have to check frequently for received fax if your system is saving them automatically.