The mobile market has been doing really well and in the first quarter of 2010 has posted a phenomenal amount of sales. Smartphones are getting better sales results according to Gartner. Smartphones for the ones who are outdoing the feature phones in the market share over the past five years. The other two phones, the Android and iPhones have seen the biggest growth in leap in the market share.

If you look at the world wide figures mobile vendors across the world have sold 314.7 million phones in the first quarter. This is a significant 16.9% jump from the first quarter of the previous year that is 2009. The three largest players LG, Nokia and Samsung are still the topmost players in the market. While the other smaller players fight over the remaining market share. However, the effect of the smart phone has been felt on the overall mobile market. Sony Erricson and Motorola have shown a sharp drop which has shoved Black berry maker RIM in the fourth place globally.

Apple has been really doing well as it is steadily moving up. They have doubled their first quarter as far as shipments are concerned and have taken over 2.7% of the global market. The growth spurt came from very strong markets such as the UK, but China and South Asia showed higher sales.

The sales for global Smartphone have grown even larger in the last quarter. With a staggering 54.3 million units sold at a 48.7% yearly increase. Smartphones now have a market share of 17.3% of all mobile phones that are sold. This is up from 13.6% last year.

Symbian still monopolizes the market share amongst smart phone platforms. Black berry is going strong at second place. Though, it is losing out on a small share yearly.

The big players in the market are the Android OS iPhone. The iPhone OS is showing significant jumps year over year. The 12% unit growth has pushed the smart phone growth to 15.4% globally. The Android at 806% unit growth has pushed down the Windows mobile from the top three into the fourth place. The iPhone OS and Android together are nipping on the heels of Blackberry platform.

Apple has a whole lot of catching up to do if it wants to move ahead of Android in the global market.

Roberta Cozza who is the principal research analyst at Gartner has made a statement that the market is so very crowded that to compete with manufacturers need to a tightly fisted integrated hardware if their solutions are to appease the global audience. Just tweaking and tuning or adding a QWERTY keyboard does not make the device what the consumers of today want. However, she also added that mobile eco-systems are now moving far ahead of smart phones and they shall continue to add to consumer appeal under very sublime user experiences.