The future seems to be on the cloud! Not the real one! Cloud these days mean the very concept of cloud computing. There have been a number of moves that have been witnessed in all this time referring to companies moving to the cloud. It is a competition actually where the renderers are trying their utmost to get the best out of the venture by being a dominant stake holder of the cloud computing business. Microsoft, IBM, Google are all into the game of getting higher on the cloud.

Red Hat is one of the important names when it comes to the cloud business but the BTC logic states something that might alarm people at Red Hat. They list Red Hat to be behind IBM and in the race to the cloud. Red Hat is doubtlessly an excellent portfolio to the cloud computing tools but the only drawback is that it does now allow the enterprise credibility as rendered by either of IBM or Microsoft. The analysts think that Red Hat needs to work on the enterprise credibility to cash the cloud in a better way.

Solution to fill in the lapse:

Solutions? Analysts expect that an alliance with a quality name will certainly help them a great deal achieving the dream of being high on the clouds. There might be a number of considerations to make while making an alliance and the company can come up with sound names such as HP or IBM. The platform can get itself integrated with the x64 from HP that is currently running Oracle’s Solaris; though HP has already been trying to pull Oracle down after the issues it had with the company. Red Hat can also get itself allied to the popular AMD that will sell chips for itself as well as Red Hat will gain popularity amongst people due to the packaged deal.

The news that Red Hat lacks behind IBM in the cloud does make a sense but this has been astonishing to many analysts that Red Hat is not doing better then Amazon even. This certainly is alarming. Despite the fact that Red Hat is considered to be a potential member in the list but still this does not make a sense to many people.

Competition at cloud:

The best part about the cloud is the competition that Red Hat is going to have there. There seems to be a head to head battle of Red Hat against Microsoft that is already taking the cloud to be a serious subject. There also, seems to be no match between the financial status of both the companies but the world of virtualization is lining up in the pro and anti Microsoft formation. When it comes to Red Hat being anti-Microsoft, you can expect to have a nice and sound following altogether.

The question that matters now is that what side will probably win the game. There had been news from the annual Partners’ conference of Microsoft that it has invited partners to either join hands with them on the cloud or quit the alliance with them. It will be certainly hard for Red Hat to survive through this but they have to.