Hollywood has always been a window to the technology of the future. Ever since Star Wars and the Bond movies, tech buffs have always turned towards Hollywood for the latest contraptions in the tech world. Though this is fine movie directors sometimes do take the viewers for granted and cook up crazy and funny stuff in the name of technology. Many movies veer off from ground reality to portraying nonsensical stuff. The most common trend is to depict a hacker as an all powerful god who has access to everything from Swiss Bank accounts to your Grandma’s pension account. Here is a list of some of the movies which aim to take viewers for a ride.

Eagle Eye:
Here is one movie which tells you if you are rich enough technology can provide anything. It basically shows an all powerful computer which can hack into anything. By anything we do mean anything. We still haven’t been able to find out since when the construction industry shifted online. Next we might as well see Al Qaeda hacking into large sized bulldozers and cranes and attacking New York. Even the maps depicted in the movie seem to be flawed with random parts of world being illuminated while actual cities seem to be shrouded in darkness. Also there seems to be something wrong with the LCD screens all through the movie. They simply seemed to have turned monochrome portraying only blue. Perhaps this is some new Hollywood light effect or it is just done because it is creepy we don’t know.

Die Hard 4.0:
This is another movie which depicts a hacker more powerful than the President of United States. Wonder even if the President knew he could route all the gas in the country just by clicking a few buttons leave alone initiate a nuclear war. We would also love to know since when did the US Air Force train their pilots to fly under bridges and engage in close combat urban warfare. The operating system used in the movie also seems queer. There are no input terminals or any buttons nevertheless the hacker furiously keys in commands every time he wants to get inside a new grid.

In this movie an ordinary FBI agent sitting in front of a computer is shown to have almost divine powers when it comes to the internet. The FBI protagonist can shut down any site in the worldwide web in a matter of minutes by a hitherto unknown process called blackholing. Another amazing piece of technology shown is the ability for a satellite to pick the WiFi ranges of any router in any home or office. Somehow the satellite pics sure remind us of Google Earth. Half way through the movie the lead actress’ daughter downloads a game which actually turns out to be a Trojan. Well its about time high profile FBI hackers got to learn about some software called Security Suites.