Many of the consumers in the world these days own an iPhone. And every person that owns it spawns a set of issues regarding the hardware and the software itself. To heed the demands of the consumers, Apple released a new version of the phone’s operating system, the iOS 4.1. It is still in beta testing, but lots of comments have already sprawled out. And it is obvious for Apple users to notice that it skipped a long way through, running from 3.0 to 4.1.

Let us take a look at the perks first. The upgrade consists of 595Mb of data and available for download from the net, especially from the apple website. If you will be visiting the update segment of the Apple website, you will be greeted with the list of great deals that comes with the update.

It lists a lot of perks for the iPhone users, and here’s to name a few: the Apple’s way back to the social gaming network, the Game Center that comes with a new look and a new visual interface; an increase in signal strength, which is quite debatable for the moment; a new type of security encryption to detect “jail broken” iOS; a new iBook interface; and a whole lot of features for your music, word processing, and even for your camera. But were the initial problems of the consumers and the crucial issues fixed?

Issues not Fixed?

The initial issue for consumers is the dreaded “death grip”. The death grip is simple: just hold your phone in a certain “wrong” fashion and your mobile signal goes kaput. The upgrade shows a new signal strength bar, which is different from the older one just by being slightly higher. The older version shows a full signal bar even if you don’t have any, but it was said that the upgrade now shows the “accurate” signal strength, compared to the latter.

It means that the death grip issue was not solved at all because coming from the developers of the phone itself, this is about the hardware and not the software. Contradicting this statement, the Apple management had an official press release that stated and promised that an important fix for this issue is included with the upgrade. This leaves a few people a bit disappointed.

The upgrade also includes an encryption that somehow identifies if the iOS is jail broken, or simply, hacked. Jail breaking the iOS is just editing the phone’s configuration with an external tool so that you can get applications and other perks that normally needs a few extra cash for free. The creators say that the upgrade will check for jail broken iOS, will show digital water marks; giving hints to Apple store employees whenever the phone is brought for repairs or just for simple service.

Still in beta testing

The upgrade includes a lot of applications and fixes to the phone’s operating system. And yes, these fixes are very vital and a great merit for the programmers. But there are still issues that needs to be fixed and holes that needs to be patched. This is beta testing of course, so we can still look forward to a greater end result.