Remote In Motion (RIM) introduced a new security application for BlackBerry named BlackBerry Protect, earlier last week on Monday, 12th July 2010.  With BlackBerry Protect you can now remotely backup wirelessly, restore and be able to tract your BlackBerry Smartphone, in the event you misplaced, lost or stolen. Most importantly this feature application is available to all BlackBerry users free of charge.

The Initial setup

Once the Blackberry user downloads and installs the BlackBerry Protect application, available on the company’s website. As soon as you register the product you can backup all the data currently stored in your BlackBerryphone. The user is given the liberty to choose what he/she needs to be backed up now and in the future, like browser bookmarks, contacts, calendar, memos, messages, tasks, etc; along with choosing how often you want the application to automatically backup daily to weekly to once a month. Do remember to check with your wireless provider or mobile connection provider on the charge list, since there will be auto backup at times when you are not using the Smartphone.

Lost and found

The primary features in the new application are Loud ring, Locator, Remote lock, Lost and Found, Remote wipe, Back up data, Restore, and Web interface. Loud ring feature will set the phone at its loudest setting even when you had set your BlackBerry on a silent mode; it is useful when you have accidently misplaced and by logging into  BlackBerry Protect portal you can call your number, which will set the silent mode to loud mode, so you can hear your phone ringing. Losing your much loved BlackBerry can be hard to deal with, but with the BlackBerry Protect it has thoroughly understood your felling and with the GPS assisted Locator feature lets you view the exact location of your mobile, when you might have lost the phone. With the Protect application, even if you have not set a password enabled lock in your mobile at the time you misplacing it, by logging into the Protect portal, you can set up a lock and password to ensure no one can access your personal information. In dire cases when you cannot locate the phone you can still use the portal to delete all information on the phone using the Remote wipe feature, however it only deletes information on your phone and not the backup so if you can track the phone back or gets a new phone you can still use the Restore feature to restore the old information to the phone.

Support and Safety

BlackBerry Protect can support up to five BlackBerry’s associated to one account. The Protect portal is linked or connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), therefore ensuring none of the company’s data especially the users data is safeguarded.

Now currently only available as a Beta, the full version will be soon relased by the end of the year. It application works with Bold 9000, 9650, and 9700; Storm 2 and 9500 series; and the Curve 8500 and 8900 series or any Blackberry phones with operating system 4.6 or higher.