Android is a very efficient and strong operating system developed by Google. Android is loosely based on the Linux kernel or you can say it is a replica of the Linux. It is vastly used in the smart phones and the market share of this operating system is growing rapidly. The development process of the Android operating system is distributed among the large community of developers. There are 70,000 applications available for the Android operating system and it makes the second best mobile developing environment. Java language is mainly used in the codes and the developers also take help of Google java library. The most famous feature of this mobile operating system is: this is an open source development and it offers the developers the ability to build an extremely powerful and innovative application.

As per the reports, the smart phones market grew by 64% annually and respectively the market share grow for the Android operating system. In the pan Asia market, China is the biggest market of smart phones and comes second in world share. If we leave Blackberry and iPhone, there is biggest share in other makers. Android is used in HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericson handsets and reports a very healthy growth of 886% in Q2 2010.  The impressive growth of smart phone in world market will also increase the share of Android operating system. Especially in the China with population of 1.3 billion, the smart phone’s leaders are targeting the country market as it emerges as a potential market for the smart phones. According to the latest reports, blackberry and iPhone share falls but Android rises with 4% growth. The rise can be seen as the potential market for Androids, as iPhone has some software and hardware issues. Consumers are looking forward to the new droid x operating system and the applications which can be integrated are large in numbers.

The manufacture share of Android operating system saw an extreme growth in last one year. If we compare the HTC and Motorola then we find that in the case of HTC it range from 5%-9% and in the case of Motorola it ranges between 2%-13%. You can clearly see the rise in the growth rate of manufacture share. In the future, trade analysts are eying an impressive growth in the market share of Google’s Android. Reading all the reports and the smart phone ownership, we can clearly say that the Android is future’s big player and it is here to stay. The features are so attractive and flexibility of this operating system attracts a huge consumer base. As consumers are looking beyond iPhone and blackberry, the Android OS is becoming very popular and also the regular improvement is the biggest attraction of this product. In a survey held in dec2009 among the Smartphone users, we saw Android on second spot. But at that time it was a new block in the market, so the growth rate will be very high and the market share is also growing rapidly.