2010 has been the year of China showing its belligerence in the web domain, but according to McAffe’s vice president Dmitri Alperovitch China “sucked in” 15% of the web in terms of emails, chats and messages in April for 18 minutes. However it is not certain as to what China could have done with so much information.

According to Dmitri Alperovitch “The telephone giants of the world work on a system based on trust, he explained. Machine-to-machine interfaces send out messages to the Internet  informing other service providers that they are the fastest and most efficient way for data packets to travel. For 18 minutes April 8, China Telecom Corp. told many ISPs of the world that its routes were the best paths to send traffic. For example, a person sending information from Arlington, Va., to the White House in Washington, D.C. — only a few miles away — could have had his data routed through China. Since traffic moves around the world in milliseconds, the computer user would not have noticed the delay.”

China is known to have  an army of hackers that are constantly monitoring, not only Chinese citizens, but reading your messages as well!