According to a report by Piper Jaffray Android OS is seen to be the dominating force, to take over a huge chunk of the Smartphone market. According to the report it is estimated that Android will increase the share of its market by 20-30%.

Experts largely contribute the success of Android to be open source software which has enabled users to create various Apps through which users can create user-friendly Apps. Unlike Apple Apps, customization of Apps is largely commanded by the App Store which only enables Apple to design Apps according to the market demand.

With the increase in Android and Apple’s share it becomes difficult for other Smartphone OS such as Nokia’s Symbian to gain a foot hole on the market. Analyst link the growing surge of the Android to platform diversity such as Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Android is a Linux based OS which was initially developed by Android Inc. Since it takeover by Google Android has got a firm backing to meet head-on with its competitors which has resulted in its market survivability. Being one of the first OS applications, Android has provided various applications to users similar to Apple Apps store.