According to a latest report of cyber security, by Microsoft the U.S. has the highest number of computers approximately 2 million that have been affected by botnets. In the second most affected botnets country Brazil tops the charts.

The report also suggests that there is growing number of infections in South Korea which may eventually takeover U.S.

The research was conducted by a Microsoft security think tank which is looking into the growing threat of malicious networks that seek to prove a potential hazard for Internet safety.

Botnets are basically downloaded instructions from a malicious server that sends these instructions in millions of packets throughout the world. They usually come attached with spam of phishing e-mails that seek potential users to download them. Users are not aware of the downloaded instructions. The botnets are then activated by the home server which gives them specific action e.g. to “e-mail bomb” a particular website of to seeks users information such as credit card information.

This study was carried by Microsoft as it is growing wary about the increasing amount of security hazards the may affect its operating systems. It seeks to release various patches to bolster its defenses against the botnets.