Critics have been eying the gap between the Athlon-II and Phenom-II Quad-Core, Triple, and Dual Core processors for quite some time, and finally AMD has decided to narrow down that gap by announcing the latest AMD Athlon II X2 255 Regor Processor.

A Comparative Difference
The regor core Athlon-II X2-260 processor marks a 100MHz improvement over the Athlon-II X2-255 that runs on 3.1GHz. This processor is totally targeted at the low-to-medium end users, who need a decent processor under the $100 mark! Indeed, the Athlon-II X2-260 costs just $75, and the Athlon II X2 255 Regor is yet another contender in the below $200 segment. On the other hand, they’re leading the gaming zone with their top-of-the-line Phenom-II lineup, and trying to dominate the market with an all out attack strategy.

Moving on to the advantages of this new release over its predecessor, apart from the 100MHz leap, you also get the goodness of latest features, that too at a really reasonable price. It is interesting to note that just about one sixth of the gamers ever consider upgrading their system, due to the fact that buying a new processor is considered to be a costly affair, which is why still about one fifth of the users are stuck up with single-core processors even in the age of quad-core processing.

The triple-core processor users are almost non-existent, and the dual core users between 2 – 2.6GHz speeds are happy enough to hang on to the dual cores rather than upgrading to the triple or quad core. And, even those who decide to upgrade find it worthy to jump on to the quad-core series, thereby decreasing the popularity of the triple-core series.

Taking all these stats into account, it is fairly evident that gamers do want to upgrade, but they’ve been holding back since they find it too costly to upgrade or don’t see a strong reason to upgrade. But, with the introduction of AMD Athlon II X2 255 Regor Processor, things won’t be same anymore!

Better Gaming Advantages
Now, it will be possible to enjoy the goodness of 3.2GHz processor at under $100 mark, and the Regor processor is even faster than the basic the Athlon-II X2-260, though it doesn’t cost a lot. So, if you really see the value for money, you’re most certainly going to enjoy these Regor processors.

AMD is definitely playing its cards very wisely, and trying to capture the entire gaming market in one-go! While Phenom II processors won’t leave any margin for complaint for the high-end extreme gamers, the Regor processors will also allow the low-end beginner level gamers to get a nice upgrade without really having to shell out big bucks. So, it looks like it’s pretty much AMD everywhere at the moment, at least in the gaming arena; others better watch out – AMD is back with a bang again!