After the much dismal release of Starcraft Strategy 2, Sid Meier’s Civilization V has proven to be much sought after game in the series for strategy game players after its release on 21 September. We all expect better graphics and performance in terms of AI with the advancement in technology, Civilization V delivers this.

Civilization V is one game that will definitely keep your mind engaged in channeling various tactics to guide your civilization to victory. Besides the Hexagonal grids that provide a magnified game play, the game is rich in its graphics and AI technology.

In the starting of the game you start with an agenda to set up a match. With a choice of 19 civilizations to choose from, each civilization has its own strength and weaknesses according to which players are also granted leaders and unique bonuses e.g. George Washington will be the leader if you choose America as your civilization. Civilization V is not only about military tactics, but it deals with how you can increase the range of your units through special bonuses and collection of resources.

One important tip that I would like to advise you when you start playing is choosing the leader and the map wisely according to your tactic strategy. Remember that this game is configured with exceptional artificial intelligence which means that you will have to focus on resources and gaining the maximum bonuses. In terms of multiplayer game play the game comprises of 12 players and 24 city-states. You can change apply up to eight different difficult settings.

The game play is exhaustive. My first impression on stating the game it to just check out every unit and maps that is available. That can certainly be done in the skirmish game play.