Toshiba is happy about its upcoming CEVO-Engine, which is going to launch in the beginning of next year in a price range of “sub-€5,000”. So, CEVO-Engine in a nutshell is a bunch of those multicore processors stacked on top of each other and that allows more picture processing. The Cell of these microprocessors are capable of converting 2D to 3D but the CEVO-Engine is capable to set aside a whole processor for it, with its surprisingly decent results. It can also upscale the half resolution 3D into 1080p.

The CEVO-Engine with ultra-bright LED is going to be a masterpiece creation from Toshiba. As its name suggests it comes with a ultra bright LED panel for display. The working of this power packed machine is totally different from a regular TV. It works with powerful microprocessors and ultra bright LED panel that is controlled by the CEVO-Engine itselt. The CEVO-Engine is the core component of the machine which controls the all graphical processing in the machine. The machine is supported by cell microprocessors stacked on the top of each other and with the help of these microprocessor the engine becomes capable of processing the pictures with more efficiency. The whole panel of display comprises of more than three thousand LED’s and with a combination of these micro LED’s and the processing power of CEVO-Engine the machine becomes capable of processing HD images and videos. Apart from this, the CEVO-Engine introduces the prepping 3D technology. This technology makes sense to the realm of 3D. It helps in the rendering of 3D objects and Peoples are particularly excited about the prepping 3D technology for display. In this technology the adjustment of brightness and colors can be made to compensate the dimming effect of 3D glasses. The necessary headroom for this is provided by 3,000+ LEDs. Those lights will be split into 512 locally dimmed regions. The CEVO-Engine performs the heavy lifting of image analysis. Actually it’s painful to look at these displays at full brightness when the lights are off but when the shutter of glasses are on we found that the picture is as close to “regular”.

Apart from the basic TV, the CEVO-Engine TV will take you a mile ahead. Its each and every function is optimized according to you and moreover its revolutionary concept of its ultra bright panel of LED LCD will give you a complete satisfaction upon its purchase. Unlike the regular TV it will tune you to feel the richer graphical experience. We can say that this technology from Toshiba is a milestone in the field of technology and entertainment. As compared to its features it cost to you at a very low price. CEVO-Engine TV from Toshiba will going to change the definition of entertainment very soon.

The CEVO-Engine TV itself has a nice design heritage but looks-wise it’s nothing revolutionary but the technology on which this machine work is of course revolutionary.