Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Samsung YP-RO portable media player might look similar to any conventional mobile phone rather than a trendsetter. Samsung YP-RO really does meet expectations especially in terms of it music playback quality. You want good music? The answer is logical. Get a good set of earphones and you are on. Samsung YP-RO not only just gives you “good” but offers you ‘superior quality earphones bundled out of the box. A feature that even the most popular portable media players have taken for granted. Samsung YP-R0 offers more for music enthusiasts, however it fails terribly in terms of looks and handling . However if you are thinking of buying a cell phone in the range of $100, then Samsung YP-R0   is the right answer for you.


  • Storage Type                                     Flash Memory
  • Memory Capacity                            8 GB
  • Display                                                  2.6″ TFT-LCD
  • Display Resolution                          QVGA(320×240)
  • SD MMC Expansion Slot                Yes up to 32 GB
  • Dimensions W x H x D                    2.05″ x 3.66″ x .35″
  • Weight                                                 .13 lbs.


  • FM Radio
  • Picture Viewer
  • Text Viewer
  • Video Viewer
  • Podcasting
  • Battery Playback Time (Audio)   30 hrs (@MP3, 44.1kHz, 128kbps, Volume 15)
  • Battery Playback Time (Video)   6 hrs


RO has an anodized aluminum body with a brushed look. For a portable media player, it does feel light weighing only 2.1 ounces. It’s also very thin and can sit amiably in your palms with the 2.05″ x 3.66″ x .35″ frame. The lightweight design gives RO a simple and yet sleek design.

Navigation is through a button pad easily spotted because it’s framed by a thin chrome strip. It looks like a cross between a square and a circle; much like Zune’s second generation squircle but leaning more to square rather than circle. Sadly for those who are by now accustomed to scroll pads, RO still utilizes tactile buttons. The central button can only be tapped in four directions: up, down, right and left.  Flanking the central button are four more buttons. The back button allows users to go back to the previous item; the settings button allows users to the settings options; the lock button locks the screen and also doubles for the power button; and the multi-purpose button has different functions in different modes.

At the bottom lies the headphone jack, mini-USB port and microSD slot covered with a flap.


The 2.6-inch, 320-by-240-pixel-display, which gives the cell phone a simplistic and   uninspired menu buttons.. Surprisingly, pictures and videos allows for a bright, crisp and detailed display. This makes you wonder why RO didn’t eke out as much as it can from its built-in display’s capacity. Perhaps it’s focusing more on it being a music player more than anything. A 2.6-inch display does nothing much for video playback, after all.

Buttons as expected slows down browsing and file management. Although 8 GB is not that much compared to recent portable media player’s capacity, it can still house tons of music.. If you are just looking for a cell phone for music, then Samsung YP-R0 will enable you to have various facilities such as setting up playlists..


Judging from a wide variety of file formats it supports, Samsung expected this to hit as the next best thing to an iPod shuffle, valued at $79. With bigger storage capacity and a display screen, the $21 is a fair price to pay for an upgrade. Enticing offer if you don’t want to be tethered to iTunes or converting first your files to the right format. RO supports : MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, and FLAC audio files; WMV, H.264, DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, AVI, MP4, MOV, and ASF video files; and JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF photo files.

Support for higher quality audio also maximizes the bundled earphone’s superb performance. Bet yourself a 4-star experience if not 5-star for a very affordable price. Although tweaking the built-in equalizer might prove to be a letdown as it only results to confusing sounds.

As mentioned, the screen does feel a bit diminutive for viewing full featured films. This especially proves true for movies designed for wide screen. However, if you’re the type who just has to have something to look at while waiting for something, RO serves well enough. The built-in FM radio also lets you configure 30 station presets.

As a requirement for all portable media players, battery performance is always on top of features to check. RO offers more than 30 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video playback. More than enough compared to other players that need constant charging.

Samsung YP-RO does offer some features worth looking into. A $100 budget can give you simplicity and marvelous audio playback experience. Granted Samsung YP-RO lacks the aesthetics to be a trendsetter, but it does score points for being practical