For the camera conscious buyer who loves a break from traditional camera designs and technology, this interchangeable sensor units camera from Ricoh is an expression of innovative design revolution that distinguishes itself from the more traditional single lens sensor units. The closest comparison products that are available in the market are quite a few. Though Samsung has a product in close comparison with this model yet the closest match with this variant is the Micro Four Thirds by Olympus and Panasonic. This makes Ricoh GXR/A12 50mm Module Camera highly desirable as a leading, innovative product that will stand out of the classic lines of imaging technology.

Owning an interchangeable sensor units camera makes much difference as this is a unique, mirror-less product that has hit the market and there are no adequate comparisons available. This makes it quite difficult to comment upon as to whether the cost of the product at close to $1200 will be worth the buck as personal preferences and the uniqueness of technology will weigh very much in this matter.

There are great technological benefits offered by Ricoh GXR/A12. The completely sealed sensor units allow for greater protection from external factors affecting any reduction of the image quality. Sensor combinations can be altered in such ways so as to obtain the maximum potential.

The ease of handling while using any particular product makes up much of the appeal it generates. The overall appearance too plays a very important matter to be considered. The beauty of the product will allow it to be comfortably placed relative to other products in its class. Though Ricoh GXR/A12 does not have any excellent beauty in comparison to other products yet, it is of excellent quality in make and performance. The handling parameters of this camera offer the relative freedom of enabling this to carried in the person without the need to have special camera bag, though it is not small enough to fit easily into the pocket. It can be set up on mini-tripods also. The weight of the camera works out quite favourably in terms of handling and the rubberised surfaces of the camera provide better grip in the hand.

Quality of image output is super as there are numerous rich features enabling the best resolution for shooting in various situations. This product offers good output in terms of image quality as it delivers good pixel level sharpness and good details. Shadow and highlighting details are also very good, making it an ideal camera for shooting in almost any situation. Low light shooting output is also of equally good quality. This good performance is wholly achieved due to the excellent quality of lens. The amount of distortion in the image quality is virtually removed and this model has very good corner-to-corner sharpness even from very wide and open shooting positions. Any residual traces of imaging defect seen over the edges of the frame will get removed in the processing phase and so the overall image is of the finest quality that can be gained from this large sensor and mirror less camera.